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Nutrition Fun Facts

Mushrooms - are a good source of selenium, an antioxidant mineral, as well as copper, niacin, potassium and phosphorous. Additionally, mushrooms provide protein, vitamin C and iron. Because their cells walls are indigestible unless exposed to heat, you must cook mushrooms to get their nutritional benefits.
Quinoa - is one of the most protein-rich foods we can eat, it contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains ,it contains iron , it contains lysine , it is rich in magnesium, it is high in Riboflavin (B2) and it has a high content of manganese.
Chickpeas- helps control blood sugar levels , it increases satiety (a state of being completely full) and helps with weight loss, it improves digestion thanks to a high fiber content, helps protect against heart disease and cancer , provides essential vitamins and minerals and a great source of plant-based protein.
Eggplant - provides a good amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals in few calories , rich in many Nutrients high in Antioxidants, aid to reduce the risk of Heart Disease , promote Blood Sugar Control , Help with Weight Loss and have Cancer-Fighting Benefits
Red Peppers - contain more than 200 percent of your daily vitamin C intake, they are a great source of vitamin B6 and folate, they help support healthy night vision and are packed with antioxidants.
Zucchini - improves digestion, slows down aging, lowers blood sugar levels, supports healthy circulation and a healthy heart, improves eye health, boosts energy, weight loss and improves thyroid and adrenal functions.
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